Ken Boreham

Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer working on cutting edge stereoscopic conversion technology. There are lots of interesting problems left to be solved. However, my passion is still for video game development. On nights and weekends I develop casual games for mobile platforms.

It seems that I’ve played video games my entire life and I’ve wanted to make them ever since I realized that somebody had to do it. It all started for me on the Atari 400. I wrote my first program in Atari Basic and eventually made some pixels move across the screen. Then in fourth grade I took a computer class in which we wrote scripts on apple computers. Fifth grade I took a class where we dabbled in QBASIC. And in High School I took two programming classes in c and c++ and a computer hardware/networking class. This is what I wanted to do. Finally I went to DigiPen to become a professional game programmer.

Programming seems to come naturally to me. I find it fun and interesting in the same way that I love trying to solve difficult problems or brainteasers. It’s like playing a puzzle game in which you score points for correctness, speed, accuracy, readability, manageability, and solid architecture. Actually I take programming seriously and take pride in the work I do.

I tend to focus on graphics engines and special effects. I’m also interested in software architecture, AI, UI, and tools. Actually just about every aspect of computer science interests me; those are just my favorites at the moment. I love learning new things and I’ll always be looking to expand my knowledge.

My life other than computers... I enjoy backpacking, racing, bowling, and video games just to name a few favorites off the top of my head. I love go-karting and go as often as possible. I prefer to practice martial arts in lieu of standard workouts. On Friday or Saturday nights I usually hang out with some friends at the bowling alley or billiards bar.